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Kitchen Remodel

Updating your kitchen is one of the most exciting remodeling projects that happen in your home, but it can be very overwhelming.  After combing through a variety of websites and showrooms to find endless options available, many folks find it difficult to figure out where to start.

As a custom cabinetry designer in Green Bay, WI we plan, design, manufacture and install beautiful quality kitchen remodels.  With over 25 years of experience, we have gathered ‘need to know’ secrets that we would like to share as you start the process to get to your new kitchen.

The first thing we do when meeting with a client is to ask questions.  We want to find out all we can to help our designers (and you) understand how you currently use your kitchen spaces, what you like and don’t like about it, and what is a must have.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

How does your current layout get used by the people in the house?  
If you are 2 people or a family of 5, your needs will be different.  For a couple, it might be a priority to have a desk.  For a family a big island to do homework and eat dinner might be a necessity.  We also consider the furry friends that complete our families or in-laws that might have a lengthy stay.

How else do you use your kitchen?
Is it the primary area where you eat, work late, fold laundry, have a buffet for a party, wet bar or an in-home bakery?  All things that will considered in the design.

Who cooks the food in the house?
This person will have a fair amount of input to make this an easily functioning area to prepare meal and entertain guests.  We will always look at the physical makeup of the family and the primary user.  Are they tall? Short? Have physically needs to meet?

Do you entertain?
Do you need to fit 10 people around an island or have open spaces for many guests to communicate or to see the TV?

Is there ever really enough storage in your kitchen?  We determine the needs for storage and use every single square inch.  What are your current storage issues and any special equipment (like the new coffee center or pop-up mixer lift)that needs to be in the kitchen?

There are others, but these will go a long way to help the designer and installers fit your needs into your new kitchen.  At Prestige Custom Cabinetry, we look forward to making your dream kitchen a reality.  Contact us today for your free estimate.